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Susanna Ianni
Welcome to raisemyprofile.  My name is Susanna and I have worked with people throughout my career helping individuals and teams reach their potential.  Let me help you too!
I am a registered Organisational Psychologist in Australia and I have worked in HR, learning, training, leadership development, coaching, cultural change and talent management.  I have led large scale behavioural programmes in many industries including telecommunications, agriculture, energy, finance, mining and construction as well as federal, state and local government.

I am aware of the challenges faced by people entering the workforce, individuals seeking to change roles and professionals who want to stay updated with job trends and future opportunities. I am very passionate about helping people rise to the challenges presented in times of change.  If getting job ready is your challenge then visit our contact page to make your enquiry or order.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Susanna Ianni
BSc (Psychol), UNSW
Master Psychology (App), UNSW